SEAT Conference 2020

June 27, 2020 Minneapolis

SEAT Conference 2020

Comcast Business delivers best-in-class fan and employee stadium experiences. Comcast is a national provider of technology and services, including data, voice, and video solutions, servicing dozens of the major league teams and arenas around the country, including complete technology solutions that service both front-of-house and back-office requirements.

The SEAT Conference challenges the direction of venue technology by sharing best practices, innovations, and analytics to drive change across the global sports and entertainment industry. 

As a Platinum Sponsor, Comcast Business will join the conversation around designing smarter, more efficient technology foundations for sports and entertainment venues to deliver next-generation fan experiences that guests demand, while securing mission-critical, back-office communications and digital operations that make it all possible.

Join our roundtable discussion to uncover how a new generation of fans is driving change into the stadium and venue experience.




Data Center and Cloud Connectivity

Cloud computing has evolved in only a few short years from being an interesting experiment to driving true business innovation. Outsourced, multi-tenant data centers have evolved from serving as a simple disaster recovery option to performing as the center of enterprise computing.

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Ethernet Network Service

Network services are ideal for connecting your locations with a network that can meet the demands of high data traffic. Ethernet Network Service provides a fully-meshed network topology, resulting in the highest-availability for all your locations.

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MachineQ, a Comcast company, offers a low-power, LoRA-based IoT platform that improves business performance by providing real-time data and insights that help drive informed decisions. The enterprise IoT platform is designed to scale and supports a diverse ecosystem of devices and third-party solutions.

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