ONUG Fall 2022

October 19, 2022 New York

ONUG Fall 2022

ONUG is an exclusive conference where IT executives spanning all industries - from consumer packaged goods to pharmaceuticals, financial services to retail, transportation to federal government, and others - gather to share requirements for the adoption and evaluation of software-defined public and private cloud infrastructure solutions. ONUG is the place where IT business and industry leaders collaborate to plot out the practical direction of the IT industry and create necessary markets.

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Software-Defined Networking

With SD-WAN from Comcast Business, companies can retake control of their network by making their branch office connections faster, more cost-effective and ready to support new business opportunities. SD-WAN provides enriched network visibility, with application-level insights, and dynamic traffic routing to better optimize application performance.

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Gig-Speed Networking

Comcast Business is building the largest Gig-speed network in the country. Our network is built from the ground up, with proven performance nationwide. So, you can look forward to fast, reliable Internet connectivity for sites throughout your enterprise.

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Comcast Business ActiveCoreSM

Digital transformation has changed everything. The Comcast Business ActiveCore SDN platform sets the stage for the future of enterprise networking and creates new opportunities for your business.

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