Webinar: SDN: Delivering On the Promise of Digital Transformation

February 09, 2018

SDN: Delivering On the Promise of Digital Transformation

As new technologies drive competition in today's connected economy, trying to support innovation with legacy networks is asking IT to do more with less. It's no longer enough to think about your network as data, voice, and video. Traditional MPLS networks weren't built to support modern applications. SDN (software-defined networking) sets the stage for the future of enterprise networking and creates new opportunities for your business.

Join us for the "SDN: Delivering On the Promise of Digital Transformation" webinar, brought to you by Comcast Business. Our expert panel of product architects will offer key insights, highlight near- and long-term trends, and answer your mission-critical questions about the role SDN will play in creating a foundation for innovation.

During this interactive discussion, you'll learn:

  • How to adopt an app-first mentality
  • Why broadband matters more than ever
  • How network management will become your competitive advantage
  • How you can leverage the Comcast Business ActiveCore SDN platform and SD-WAN offering to improve productivity, lower costs, and more

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