Webinar: Navigating the New, App-Centric Reality

May 24, 2018

Navigating the New, App-Centric Reality

Legacy MPLS networks weren’t built to optimize network visibility across all your locations. When nearly 80% of workloads are in the cloud, and almost every function is tied to an application, transparency is critical to managing traffic in a distributed enterprise. Gaining the control you need to meet evolving business needs begins with an app-first approach.

Software defined networking (SDN) and new, high-speed broadband are critical to supporting today’s workloads and applications and to steering traffic to maximize performance. In “Navigating the New, App-Centric Reality,” our expert panelists will discuss network and infrastructure challenges and how SDN offers greater control and flexibility. 


Our panelists are:

  • John Burke, principal research analyst, Nemertes Research, advises key enterprise clients, conducts and analyzes primary research, and writes thought-leadership pieces across a wide variety of topics.
  • Jody Hagemann, director of product management, Comcast Business, focuses on service operations design, new product launch, and lifecycle management. Currently, she's developing the Comcast Business ActiveCoreSM platform.

Participants will gain insight into:

  • Reimagining a network via software;
  • The landscape of the "new internet";
  • Network limitations that stand in the way of innovation; and
  • What WAN when: Which apps are best served by infrastructure type.
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